Total Sample Concentration System

Goojung Engineering Co., Ltd. manufactures experimental instruments with our own technology based on customer needs.
Goojung Engineering Co., Ltd. is manufacturing scientific instruments which are utilized in the pre-treatment process
before analyzing a sample by chemical, food, environmental and pharmaceutical industries, and laboratories of
Universities and state-run research institutes. We also provide solution for the instruments which are required in
the phase of sample preparation and promote experimental evaporators developed by our own technology.

T.C.S ™ Pro

  • Independent gas supply control for each nozzle
  • High reproducibility

T.C.S ™ Pro

  • Concentrator
  • Gas generator
  • Built-in hood venting out toxic gas

T.C.S ™ Pro

  • Up to 48 sample concentration
  • Possible customized test tube block production covering a variety of test tube shapes or volume


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