Controlab Langavant Calorimeter

Controlab Langavant Calorimeter

controlab langavant

The heat of hydration of cement is the amount of heat that occurs from the begining of hydration up to the end of the hydration. The chemical reaction between cement and water gives out the heat. Disclosure continues even as the reaction continues. Beginning with a high heat of hydration, decreases over time.

Measurement precision: ±0.3°C

Protection index: IP65

Long-range radio: 1 km (with open field)

Customisation of results display depending of cement maturity

Wireless connection between recorder and modem

Compact recorder

Autonomous Power (Battery life: 2 years - interchangeable)

Software allowing acquisition and display of 3 curves of each channels simultaneously

Up to 1 week of recording based on one record per minute

Easy to use

Langavant Calorimeter complies with EN 196-9 standard.