C3 MC-CAL Cement Calorimeter

C3 MC-CAL Cement Calorimeter

c3 mccal

Isothermal Multi-Channel-Calorimeter for on-line monitoring the heat flow during hydration of cement, etc. For determining heat of hydration and to study the influence of additives on the hydration process.

Determining the heat of hydration of cement is important and traditionally, the heat of hydration has been determined by meausiring the heat of solution (ASTM C186). More recently, isothermal calorimetry tests using MC-CAL are incresing because they accurately and reliably measure the heat of hydration (ASTM C1702).

The samples tested in the MC-CAL are usually paste samples, where the cement hydration process and the different phasesof the complex process can be determined.

The addition pf admixtures will change the shape of the heat flow curve, and the admixture effect can be quantified. The integrated heat flow over time will give the extent of hydration.

Calorimeter and Measurements

The MC-CAL 14-Channel Calorimeter consisits of two seven (7) channel calorimeter blocks and a data logging system required for control and data acquisition. The circular design of the individual single calorimeters enables highest flexibility with free combination of sample(s) and reference:

The maximum capacity to measure 12 samples individually and paralles for highest throughput or

The highest sensitivity (1:1 combination of sample and reference) to measure 6 samples individually and parallel.

MC-CAL Ampoules

The ampoules used in the MC-CAL are designed to handle up to 20, 25 or 30ml volumes. Either glass, or plastic (HDPE) closed ampoules are available, which enables maximum flexibility for sample management and maximum sensitivity.

MC-CAL Admix Ampoule is an accessory available for initiaiting reactions inside the calorimeter, can be used for monitoring a reaction from the initial injection. The Admix Ampoule can be configured with or without a motor for stirring and is used with 30ml disposable glass ampoules.

The MC-CAL Software is an easy to handle software package developed for typical cement applications.

Channels: Maximum 12 samples parallel

Sample Volume: Variable, max. 30ml depending on ampoule type

Measuring Range: ±2W

Temperature Range: 15-90°C

Temperature Stability: ±0.01°C

Detection Limit: 20µW

Accuracy: ±25µW

Baseline Stability (over 24 hours):

Drift: <40µW

Deviation: <±10µW

Error: <±24µW

Short Term Noise: ±5µW

Time Constant (20ml water): <2000s


Width: 675mm

Depth: 465mm

Height: 927mm

Weight: ca.45 kg

*Site of installation: ambient temperature satbility better ±2°C

Research and development of new formulations in the area of additives and admixtures

Setting time and premature stiffenning of cement

The influence of sulfate carrier content

Quality control and production control of cement

Cement research and concrete production control