Brookhaven - Molecular Weight Analyzers

Molecular weight and size are two key properties of all macromolecules including biologically important and synthetic polymers. Performance and processability are directly related to these parameters. Light scattering is capable of absolute measurements in either batch or flow mode. For distribution information, couple a GPC/SEC instrument to a light scattering detector.

90plus l2 140x140

NanoBrook 90Plus Molecular Weight Analyzers

Particle Size Analyzer

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bi dndc1 140x140

BI-DNDC Differential Refractometer

Differential Refractometer

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no background mwa7 140x140

BI-MwA Molecular Weight Analyzers

Molecular Weight Analyzer

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bi200sm 140x140

BI-200SM Molecular Weight Analyzer

Research Goniometer and Laser Light Scattering System

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protein 250px 1 140x140


Molecular Weights with a NanoBrook Particle Sizer

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parsec2 140x140

ParSEC GPC/SEC Software

Advanced GPC/SEC Software for Macromolecular

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