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Nieka® G-series - Perfect fusion equals premium analytical results

Nieka® fluxer offer the following oustanding features:

Reliable temperature monitoring of the fusion process

Proprietary heating chambers allowing a high thermal efficiency

Significant reduction of fusion process time, high productivity

Separate dedicated burners to pre-heat molds

Huge multilingual touch screen with intuitive interface

Self-Monitoring, remote-handling of maintenance schedule

Low-Pressure gas line, both natural gas as well as LPG, Propane

Low operating cost: No compressed air or oxygen is required

Real-time flame monitoring, automatic gas supply shut-off

USB- as well as TCP/IP-Ethernet-port

Integrated self locking safety cabinet

Model G4/G8 - a

For the preparation of one to four (or eight) glass beads for XRF or peroxide fusions

Model G4/G8 - b

Only for the preparation of solutions for ICP, AA and wet chemistry

Model G4/G8 - c

For the preparation of both glass beads for XRF as well as solutions for ICP, AA and wet chemistry

Model G4/G8 - d

Only for the preparation of Peroxide fusions