Sensor Sense Gas Analyzers

Sensor Sense Gas Analysers

Sensor Sense is offering laser-based systems for on-line gas measurements in the ppbv down to pptv range. Our products are extremely sensitive, selective, robust and most user friendly and provide you the highest performances at the lowest costs.

Our dedication and expertise guarantee the high standard and quality of our products.

Ethylene C2H4

Hyrogen Fluoride HF

Ammonia NH3

Nitrous Oxide N2O

Trace Moisture H2O

sensorsense etilen

Sensor Sense specializes in compact, highly sensitive ethylene detectors. Our user friendly detectors are robust and have a fast response time. This makes them suitable for real time measurements.

On-line and absolute measurements

Detection range 0-5 ppmv

Gas flow rate 0.25-5 l/h

Operating temperature between 10 and 28 C

Low maintenance

Easy to operate

Analog input for logging of external data

User friendly software included

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